5 food labels that can trick us

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Nowadays there’s a growing movement of people wanting to eat healthy, organic and cruelty-free food. We are bombarded with labels that seem ethically perfect, but that, in reality, they are just misleading. Today I want to explain to you 5 food labels that can be misleading and they may bring […]

5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired as a Remote Worker

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Working outside your office is a dream for many. Imagine being able to decide your own hours and balance your work and private life whichever way that suits you.  Feel your health and happiness increase in your new free life where you decide your own working conditions! But how do […]

picture represents the sun

4 reasons why The Sun is our Dad: guide to become enlightened

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Each of us, in some way or another, seeks enlightenment. Whatever paths those might be the word itself directs us to the light. This article is composed mainly of questions. Consider them and find answers for yourself. This will lead you to the right point. The hunt is over. The […]