5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired as a Remote Worker

Working outside your office is a dream for many. Imagine being able to decide your own hours and balance your work and private life whichever way that suits you.  Feel your health and happiness increase in your new free life where you decide your own working conditions!

But how do you land a remote job? How do you express your credibility and ability if you never get the chance to meet your boss in person? Forget the old tricks like “dressing for success” or “communicating confidence through your handshake”. It’s most likely going to be you, your computer and your boss on his computer somewhere else. Here are a few useful tips on how to put your best foot forward to get your dream job!

1. Be result-oriented

Rather than just talking about where you have worked before, show examples in your CV or in your interview what you have actually accomplished in your previous workplaces. This gives you more credibility and shows that you are a productive worker.

Remote workers enjoying their time

2. Show your employer that you’re the right person for the job

Give examples of your previous experience and knowledge, to assure your employer that you are suitable for the position you’ve applied for. Many skills are transferable, and so are personal qualities. Being detail-oriented or having experience in certain software or work fields can be just as relevant online.

3. Are you willing to learn?

A remote job requires a lot of responsibility and dedication. You have to be a person who’s willing and able to learn fast. Don’t just tell your employer, show him or her with examples!

Have you taken any voluntary online courses or written articles to get more experience in the field? Make sure to inform your employer! This is exactly the kind of thing that impresses your employer.

How to work remotely

4. Give relevant information only!

Imagine that you are the employer. He or she probably have a lot of interviews to go through, and does not appreciate if you waste his or her time by blabbering on about irrelevant things, such as that summer job you had selling strawberries 15 years ago, especially not if you’re applying for a position as an administrator.

The employer wants to know why you are the perfect fit for this job. Tell your employer about yourself in a professional manner and include a good photo and relevant CV. Don’t send your selfies or links to your website, if it isn’t relevant. The employer is the one calling the shots here, don’t try to make him or her jump through hoops.

Work remotely

5. Prepare for your interview

If you’re having an interview online, through Skype or Zoom for example, make sure that you actually know the ins and outs. How do you share your screen on Skype, where do you find the invitation link to a meeting in Zoom? Make sure to learn how to use the app you’re going to be using before the meeting. Also, make sure to have your technology all set, your microphone, webcam and WiFi. Set up your stuff in quiet place where you will not get disturbed by your surroundings.

Lady is working remotely

Hopefully these 5 tips were helpful and will make you feel more confident and prepared for your interview. Be honest, or the truth will come out eventually. The most important things is to show your employer that you’re willing to learn.

Be professional, but don’t forget to be yourself!


Vicky Taylor, the owner of Taylor Literary Creations has experience in both applying for remote jobs and hiring for them. As an employer at an online business, she knows what she and other companies are searching for when it comes to new staff and team members.

She started TLC early 2018, an agency for Swedish-English translation and content writing, and today she has an international team. If you need help brushing up your CV or cover letter, get in touch and she’ll use her magic to spruce up your digital image. If you’re looking for some SEO-friendly content for your website or blog, you’ll find her on both Instagram and Facebook.