picture represents the sun

4 reasons why The Sun is our Dad: guide to become enlightened

Each of us, in some way or another, seeks enlightenment. Whatever paths those might be the word itself directs us to the light. This article is composed mainly of questions. Consider them and find answers for yourself. This will lead you to the right point. The hunt is over.

Imare presents the sun and some man fishing

The answer is in the eyes

Have you seen a film with a person who regained sight after some time in the dark? It is such a touching and deep view. Have you seen a child drawing? What do children draw very often in their pictures naturally as the first and the biggest? What does every leaf of every plant on every continent look for? What is the biggest pleasure for our eyes? Can anyone say they do not like colours, or a rainbow, or a Sunset or a Sunrise? What do birds do at a moment of Sunrise? What do we actually see? All we see with our eyes, and what all the other creatures see with theirs is the light sent to us by the source of light. Now, who created eyes?

The picture presents a lady and the sun at the background

Time explained

Evolution has created our bodies and our eyes, yes. Be it whatever number of years… millions, billions…. each of those years was made of single days and each day was made, just like today by… who? Who creates each day? Who sends impulses for growth every single day?

Many languages hide obvious hints for many answers. In Polish, for example, all 4 directions have the same names as time, thus a moment equals a direction, Dawn=East (wschód), Noon=South (południe), SunSet=West (zachód), Midnight=North (północ). The idea of time made by the Sun and the space made by the Earth is implanted in Polish thinking by their language. How is time and space marked in your language? Pay attention to words that describe the time and space in your language. Who makes time? What does the analogue clock’s face remind of? Who spins the Earth – our Mother and who keeps Her in balance and in perfect track? What is the source of gravity? What is the heart of our world?

Time and the sun

Precisely about the Sun

Is there any point to go to other galaxies if we struggle to give credit to our own centre? How big is the Sun? How old is the Sun?

Do not even bother to search for the information. All scientists in the world with all their tools and equipment try to define unimaginable with numbers. Doesn’t it remind you attempts to describe, say, an imposing Redwood tree with the use of one tool: a 10cm plastic ruler. Can’t we just say, from our perspective of an earthling, the Sun is for us, in our Solar System (which is already way too big to imagine) simply limitless? Is it really such a big exaggeration? If the Sun is, for our mind, so unimaginably big, isn’t the Earth INSIDE the Sun? Inside its limitless field of radiation of limitless (i.e. unimaginable enormous and unmeasurable) spectrum of all sorts of waves.

Lady and the sun

What women know

This part is directed mainly to women, though men are welcome too.Who do we miss all the time? Who do we welcome with the biggest smile? Do mothers who are to give birth think about the Sun? Does the moment of the day and of the year influence the baby? Does it matter if you were born in the morning in spring, or at midnight in winter?

How do you feel when the Sun comes out? Would it be odd for you to sing to the Sun? Would it be crazy for you to dance for the Sun? Would it be sick for you to talk to the Sun? This is the end of this article. This is the end of your hunting. Go and sing, dance and talk to the obvious, the only, bright and simple source of all rays and answers.

This article was written by: Małgorzata Baworowska, the one who found her both cosmic parents