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5 Tips on How to Eat Smartly

I’ve never done a diet

To explain it a little bit better: I’ve never done a diet that I could call with that name. At the moment in which I start to think that I want to crowd out food from my daily life, I suddenly need it.

That’s why I’ve never done a diet

Growing up I’ve been chubby, I suffered from bullying but I’ve never given up completely on food. I was a binge eater, I liked to eat and I still like to. I love food, even the bad one. In 2017 I found yoga and my journey to wellness started. Today I have 10 kg less, I go to the gym 5 days a week, I practice yoga, I try to eat as healthy as possible without any kind of diet. Do you want to learn how to eat smartly? Then read further.

Yoga will help you know how to eat healthy and lose weight

What changed?

I changed my mindset around food. Today I’m going to share with you 5 tips on how to eat smartly. Those 5 tips have happily influenced my life reminding me to nourish my body, rather than starving it.

Here you are 5 tips on how to eat smartly:

1. Don’t avoid food that you like (use moderation)

Every single diet mention that you need to avoid a certain type of food. Most likely,  that type of food that you like and would like to eat forever and ever. That’s one main factor on why diets fail: restriction. Going from 100 to 0 means a huge push on the break, it creates a shock in your body. You need to use moderation. Let’s talk about chocolate. Before, I used to eat an entire tablet all by myself, no need of help whatsoever. Now, I eat a piece of it (dark chocolate 70%) after every lunch and that’s it. Why? Because I can’t avoid it, I’m going to get obsessed by it. With that piece, I’ve decreased the intake of it from 100 to 20 in a three months period. I didn’t shock my body, still have it, but it is definitely in a healthier amount than before.

How to eat? Just eat what you like but in moderation. Image presents chocolate.

2. Change your meal plans

Variation is the key here. Don’t meal plan always the same type of food, you’ll become bored by it. There are people who strive during routine, other’s that are killed by it. If you are one of those, please, variation is the key. There are so many helpful resources out there right now: Facebook groups, blogs, books, ebooks, Instagram pages. They offer such a variety of choice. Find things that you like or you think you would like, and try it out.

3. Listen to your body

Remember that your body is a temple. You have to take care of it by nourishing it and listening to it. If one night you don’t feel like eating what’s in your meal plan but would rather have a pizza, have it. Maybe you had a hard day, maybe your boss was an asshole, maybe that client didn’t sign up. Don’t use food to beat up yourself even more. Treat yourself to dinner outside. Treat yourself with dark chocolate. Treat yourself with chia pudding. Treat yourself with whatever comes to your mind. I believe in the 80-20 rules. 80% eating healthy, 20% eating whatever you feel like. Remember this rule and listen to your body.

4. Set reachable goals

Do you feel it could be possible to start climbing Mount Everest without a day of training? You have to be realistic, set reachable goals. That’s the same with food. If you don’t like to cook, don’t say that you are going to cook every day at home. You will be overwhelmed by the end of the week and then you’ll burn out. Set reachable, small steps goals before to even think at the huge one.

Goals are important when you want to know how to eat healthy.

5. Train your new healthy habits

Like physical training, you have to train your brain to eat and think healthy. Your brain needs to know what is good, what is not. You have to have a strong and knowledgeable brain to know when it’s a good time to eat healthily, and which one is ok to have that guilty pleasure wished. There are going to be hard times, is not that easy but always remember that you are doing something to protect the most valuable things that you have: yourself.

Healthy habits are important if you want to learn how to eat smartly.

Those are my 5 tips on how to eat smartly. Hope they are going to be helpful. If you feel the desire to further your knowledge and get a glimpse on how I work with my clients, I’ll leave here the link to my Calendly page where you can book a FREE Discovery Session.

Elena is a certified health coach and yoga teacher. Italian, living in Spain, she started walking on the path of wellness when she was living in the United States. She believes that everyone is a work of art, they just have to understand it. Thru a holistic approach, she helps women find themselves.

This article was written by Elena Locatelli