4 Tips To Find “Work From Anywhere Job”

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t get your first gig as a freelancer? Best remote jobs are somewhere on the Internet, and you CAN find them! Just focus on your final target and read 5 tips on how to find “work from anywhere job” of your life.

Tip1: Establish your skills that best match remote jobs

If you really want to earn decent money while working online, you should exactly know what your best skills are. Do you like to write and do you feel that you can handle being a professional writer? If so, consider becoming a copywriter. Presently, more and more companies want to be visible as high as possible in search engines. Thus, finding your first job as a copywriter can be an easy and profitable option. If you add some SEO knowledge to it, you can earn some decent money in no time! However, copywriting is just an example. There are different possibilities available. Just establish what you are good at, and you will find your dreamed “work from home” job very fast.

The girl on the image tries to find her "work from anywhere" job

Tip2: Use the power of FacebookF

Facebook groups: Believe it or not but Facebook is such a powerful tool, that you can rely only on it to find ALL freelance gigs. So, add yourself to each possible Facebook group that can help you find your “work from everywhere” job. Search very deep, and you will find out, that Facebook is filled to the brim with interesting groups related to jobs, business, travel, and many more niches. Use notification option to know the freshest info about posts appearing at most important groups. Try to follow as many associations as you can. Read them daily on your newsfeed. By doing this, you can learn surprisingly A LOT. You can also ask questions to the group community to gain some more knowledge.

You can use the power of Facebook to double your possibilities on finding your first “work from anywhere” job.

You can use the power of Facebook to double your possibilities on finding your first "work from anyywhere" job.

Tip3: Prepare a powerful pitch message

Once you find an interesting job offer, you must stand out from your competition and create a compelling pitch message to your potential client. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Introduce yourself as a professional who knows his value.
    2. Inform your potential client about your experience and give some examples/ show your portfolio.
    3. Provide your rates! It’s important to mention your prices in your first pitch message since your potential client will know your value right away and you will seem professional.
    4. Mention the benefits that you can bring to your client.
Reaching for the blue moon can be a good metaphore for reaching for your first "work from anywhere" job.

Tip4: Do your BEST during your first “work from anywhere” job

Hurray! It happened. You have gained your first client! But what should you do to transform this remote gig into stable cooperation? First, remember to ALWAYS do the first task the best you can. Get 200% of yourself. Seriously! Remember, that you still have to confirm your client about your skills. Deliver him a professional piece of what he has ordered. It always works!

Image describes how successful you can get if you make 200% effort during your first "work from anywhere" job.

We hope, that abovementioned tips will help you find the best “work from anywhere” job opportunity. Stay tuned, seek for gig occasions, read the Facebook newsfeed from appropriate groups, and deliver the best you can when it’s your turn to shine on.