Wrocław’s Paradise Among the Clouds

Have you ever imagined yourself taking a bath among the clouds and looking at city lights at night? If your answer is “yes”, but you haven’t the opportunity to fulfill this dream yet, read this article.

Wrocław – the magical city

Wrocław is located in the west of Poland and actually consists of a dozen islands along the river Oder. The city, titled in 2016th European Capital of Culture, with its more than 100 bridges, various parks, and numerous museums, has everything for a nice city trip. This city in Poland is not yet well known to the general public but is (perhaps precisely because of this) certainly worth a visit.

Wrocław is considered one of the most innovative and attractive cities in Poland. The city smoothly blends old town buildings, charming streets, and cosy restaurants with sophisticated, modern attractions and places. There are so many things you can do in Wrocław, that it’s impossible to describe them all in just one article. But there is one place especially worth visiting.

Sky Tower – a definite viewpoint

Sky Tower is the highest building in Poland and it’s located in the middle of the Wrocław city. It has 212m height and is filled to the brim with luxurious apartments, offices, restaurants, cafes, and friendly people.

At the bottom of the Sky Tower, there is the sculpture ‘Profile of Time’ inspired by Salvador’s Dali idea. You will also find a shopping centre which can be useful if you want to buy some food, clothes or souvenirs.

Sky Tower Apartments

The Sky Tower offers new, high-standard, modern apartments with fantastic city views, especially at night. Rooms are very spacious, quiet, and nicely decorated. If you want to relax in an extraordinary way, clear your mind completely, and discover your life from an entirely new perspective, choose one of Sky Tower Apartments.

Sky Tower is an excellent idea to celebrate a number of great occasions at an extraordinary place in the centre of such a beautiful city as Wroclaw.

What’s else to see in Wrocław?

1. Fall in love with Rynek

In the middle of the city, you will find the Rynek, the city’s main market square and one of the largest market squares in Europe. The square is characterized by sparkling colours and lovely shapes of the multiple facades. On Rynek, you will also find the Ratusz, the largest city hall in Poland. This Gothic town hall is also used as a restaurant, museum and concert hall. It is always pleasantly busy on the square and the adjacent terraces.

2. Experience fountain show

Just like Las Vegas, Dubai, and Barcelona, Wroclaw also has its own fountain show complete with light and music. Fontanna Multimedialna is slightly outside the centre but is easily accessible by tram from all over the city. From 18:00h to 22: 00h, three different light and music shows take place in the summer season: modern, classic and pop.

3. Visit one of the 120 Bridges

Wroclaw has more than 120 bridges that unite the 12 different islands of the city. In Europe, only Amsterdam and Venice, St. Petersburg have more bridges than Wroclaw. One of the most interesting bridges in Wroclaw is the sea-green Tumski bridge with its thousands of clasps.