5 Smart tips for working more effectively in 2019

Are you a freelancer? Do you want to learn how to work less and have more free time? You actually CAN deal with your day more productively! Just read this article and discover 5 smart tips for working more effortlessly. Dive into 2019 with new motivation and feel focused more than ever.

Working hard equals success, right?

I have always worked on a freelance basis. There was a time when I worked definitely too much. My business started 2 years ago when I was 24. My world was then completely changed. My day was jam-packed with work and I earned really a lot. While my friends went to the pub, parties or on vacation, I turned work weeks from 80 to 90 hours. Now everything looks different.

I recognized the drive that tells you to do more and more. The success you get when you work hard for something. I wanted to earn that ton in 1 year. I got that in 8 months. But with an 80-hour working week. The thing is, nobody likes to work 80 to 90 hours a week. Not even if you are a young, self-driven person.

The puzzle of productiveness

Working productively feels great. You get your tasks completed, you feel more satisfied with your day and you can realize your dreams step by step. But becoming productive does not happen automatically. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of deciding in the morning that you will be productive today. But there are certain things you can do to implement productiveness in your daily life.

Working productively is good for your self-confidence

Whoever spends his days productively is usually more satisfied with himself than someone who lingers and shows procrastination. Productivity is good for your confidence because every day you can be proud of what you have achieved. You leave your work with a sense of accomplishment. You’ve got something done, you’ve gone ahead. Although many people try to become more productive by using complex project management systems, productivity is actually something quite simple.

1. Enjoy your work

Work is more fun if you can enjoy it. It is not just about the end result, you can also enjoy the journey towards your goal. For example, if you have to write a piece of text you can work as hard as possible to finish it quickly. You can also try to enjoy writing. Make the environment nice for yourself, put a cup of tea, work with nice music, promise yourself a nice reward when you have completed the task.
Be aware of the writing process, and enjoy the moment. Your work is not just about the results. It becomes much easier to work productively if you do not forget to enjoy it. Work can be fun, but you have to make that choice yourself!

2. Provide short and long-term goals

That miracle dust, which makes you so wonderfully productive, is released when you achieve goals. How wonderful is it, if you achieve your goals? This foundation gives you more confidence, energy and a happier feeling. Make sure you divide your day into long and, above all, short-term goals. Give your brains that happiness and start your day with small goals that are quick and easy to mark.

3. Relax with attention

Working more productively only works when you occasionally relax. Believe me, If you work too hard, you will not be productive! Many people go wrong by working more and longer instead of more effectively. Make sure you really relax during your period of rest. Not with your laptop on your lap or taking your to-do list to bed. Make sure you relax when you and your body need it.

4. Move your body!

This way you double your productivity in just 30 minutes.
Moving is healthy. You certainly learned that as a child. Doing exercises ensures that you get better in body and mind. Believe me. It is better to start working half an hour later and start exercising every day. By moving you make different neurotransmitters that make you feel more comfortable, more energetic and more motivated.

5. Keep your workplace clean

If your desk is one big mess of paper, pens, glasses, calculator, tea bags, books, laptop and whatever else, this just doesn’t work.

Besides your desk, it is also important that your workplace is tidy, not to mention the desktop of your laptop. Remove things that distract so shut down your mobile phone and any notifications from your computer. Put a bottle of drinking or a thermos tea on your desk so you do not have to get away to get a drink. Prepare your lunch so that it does not take extra time.

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