Why coffee is healthy? Discover 10 benefits of drinking coffee

Is coffee healthy or not? In this article, you will learn about it!

Consumption of coffee can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes mellitus and some forms of cancer. In addition, coffee can improve memory functions and it provides important anti-oxidants, comparable to those of dark chocolate and blueberries.

So there seem to be enough reasons to take a delicious cup of coffee every day!

What kind of coffee is the healthiest?

The healthiest coffee is black coffee without sugar, sweetener or milk. Cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and all other coffee varieties with milk and sugar may taste good, but they are not healthy! Milk and sugar deliver extra calories. Moreover, sugar stimulates fat storage and milk contains many unhealthy, saturated fats.
Can’t you really enjoy black coffee? Then add a pinch of pure stevia or a little coconut sugar to make your coffee sweeter. To replace milk you can use a dash of unsweetened almond milk.

10 health benefits of coffee

  • Thanks to coffee, you burn more calories and you fall off faster
  • Makes you energetic
  • Contains good nutrients
  • Protects you from cancer
  • Thanks to the enormous amount of antioxidants it contains
  • Let you live longer
  • Protects you from diabetes type II
  • Protects you against heart disease and brain haemorrhages
  • Protects against dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Can prevent depression

Coffee helps with weight loss

Caffeine is one of the few natural substances that helps you burn fat. Research shows that your metabolism rises 3 to 11% after drinking coffee with caffeine. This burns extra calories without you having to do anything. So you fall off faster when you drink coffee.

Coffee makes you more energetic and smarter

It is well known that coffee makes you more awake and gives energy, and science supports this with evidence.

This is due to the caffeine. If you drink coffee, the caffeine is already absorbed into your bloodstream after 4 minutes. This is how it finds its way to your brain, where caffeine can do its work. Caffeine blocks the substance adenosine, making the energy-generating substances norepinephrine and dopamine more numerous.

But caffeine does much more with your brain. It improves your memory, reaction speed, alertness, mood and general cognitive ability. Do you have an important task to accomplish? Coffee is your helping hand.

Coffee contains healthy nutrients

Although a cup of coffee only supplies 1 calorie (kcal), it contains a noteworthy amount of vitamins and minerals. A large mug of coffee (240 ml) contains numerous vitamins and minerals ( Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B1 and B3, Potassium, Folic acid and phosphorus).

If you drink two large mugs of coffee with caffeine, you have already received a quarter of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B2. You can even increase this safely by drinking one or two extra cups of decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee contains an enormous amount of antioxidants

It will probably amaze you, but the average person gets the most antioxidants in his food from coffee! Most people get more antioxidants from the coffee they drink than the vegetables and fruits they eat.

Antioxidants protect your body against free radicals, which can damage your cells. It is therefore not surprising that research shows that coffee protects you against various types of cancer, and even allows you to live longer.


Coffee is a healthy drink that gives you all kinds of health benefits. Coffee gives you energy, it helps you lose weight and it can prevent serious diseases.

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