Can anyone become a digital nomad?

Do you want more freedom? Meet interesting people? Travel across the globe? What stops you?

As a digital nomad, you can travel around the world and meanwhile do your work under the local palm tree. How to become a digital nomad? Many people dream about it.

There are professions, like the copywriter and the web designer, for which a travelling lifestyle is out-and-out. It’s not a shame to leave the low countries behind and to move into the world with a laptop, but at least you will not stop your work.

Who the digital nomad is exactly?

You can call yourself a digital nomad if you can earn your income regardless of where you are. A digital nomad travels while he is working and often travels without a fixed term and therefore does not travel as a “normal” tourist on savings. As a digital nomad, you use digital technologies to do your work and support your lifestyle. In practice, this often means using the Internet.

First things first

Many people dream of a free and adventurous life. For others, it is rather a nightmare to live without security. If you want to live as a digital nomad, you will have to generate a fixed income (partly) through digital technologies. If you don’t have this yet or have no idea what you could do, then the possibilities are endless. The internet offers countless opportunities if you want to work remotely. Many entrepreneurs already preceded you in finding a way to work and live completely location independent. Usually, these are jobs that people choose to make money to keep travelling.
If you want to become a freelancer or a digital nomad, think precisely about what YOU want. If you actually desire to go on an adventure, stop complaining, make excuses and wait for the right moment: that will never happen. Work with what you have NOW and make the best of it.

Make income

What kind of jobs are suitable for working location-independent?

Actually…surprisingly a lot. Just think about your special skills. What are you the best at? As a freelancer, you can work as a photographer, online marketer, online coach, copywriter, translator, video editor, webshop holder, business consultant, online teacher, writer, virtual assistant, social media manager, blogger, vlogger.

Become visible online

Why? Finding new customers is not easy from abroad. Once you have come up with a skill (or set of skills) that you could offer on the road, the next step is to make it a visible offer. As soon as you start travelling, you will notice that fellow travellers ask for your Facebook. Be certain that people can simply find you on the Internet. Make the network useful!

Living without a fixed location

Make sure you are not tied to a certain place, that gives a lot of freedom. Look at your registration, home, insurance, tax status etc. Digitize ALL your paper and store everything ‘in the cloud’ so that everything is accessible everywhere.

Make sure you have a good credit card

Many times you will pay with a credit card in various countries. So make sure you have a credit card that is universally accepted and that does not entail a lot of extra costs.

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